Fjord Bakehouse is a small town bakery combining Norwegian & American craftsmanship and flavor. 


Fjord Bakehouse is an artisan bakery located in Lervik, Norway a bit bit outside of Fredrikstad.

All our breads and pastries are made using traditional methods of slow fermentation. We use natural sourdough levain, a low yeasted “poolish,” or some combination of the two. These methods produce a more complex flavor without using preservatives or flour improvers.

Most of the work is done by hand and fermentation is usually at least 12-24hrs long.

Beyond our breads and pastries we also make some delicious American style cookies and snack treats to delight both children and adults!



Pete Mahoney is an American who fell in love with a Norwegian. In 2010 he met his wife Hege in Tokyo, and after years together as missionaries they settled in Norway in 2017 with their three children (all born in different countries).

Pete had a dream to open a small bakery in near his wife’s hometown of Engelsviken. After gathering insight and inspiration from the School of Artisan Food in Nottinghamshire UK, he set out to make great bread and pastries using traditional methods of fermentation.

The dream of Fjord Bakehouse is to have a shop that can create a multi-generational gathering place where friends and neighbors can meet over a cup of coffee and something delightful to eat.